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Dr. Bill Price C-Suite Executive Coaching Incisive Agile Leading


Global Speaker of Note speaking differently about Conscious Agile Executive Neuroscience & Team Leadership!


I am strategic Executive Master Global Coach with over 36,864 one-on-one face to face hours experience, who guides C-Suite Leadership and Executive Teams, to their personal & Business exponential best summits, in their lifetime.


Accomplished, Global Master Executive Coach, with a Passion to influence Africa with Neuroscience Education Techniques and Tools thus preparing learners for the 21 ST Century Realities.

My Life REASON is to Empower, equip and influence intentionally, leaders of leaders, to become Conscious Agile Strategic intentional influencers.


Demonstrated history of client success with tangible results including that of a major player in the Sugar Industry to achieve a 64% profit increase, after tax, over a two year period. Coaching Exponential Leadership Development, CEO transitions, mergers, acquisitions & navigation of Company Directors entry onto Boards.


Notable achievements in coaching African Royalty & the global strategy for “Every Home in Africa” in the African continent, USA, Russia, Europe & Asia for three years. Designed the world’s first Future Focused™, Pioneer-Vulendilela Career process.


Receipt of an Honorary Doctorate in recognition of work done in 32 Anglo African Countries in Executive leadership development.


Qualified with a Masters degree in Relational Psychology, an Academic PhD in, Integrated Leadership & Strategic Coaching in an African context within a Global perspective, & is an International Neuroscience Coach & an International NLP Master Practitioner.


A Fellow of the Institute of SA Directors.


Member of the Singularity University of SA Group & FORESIGHT futurist Group (UK).


A difference


If you and your executive team are facing any gaps, shifts or momentum issues regarding:

  • Business strategy development, implementation & execution;
  • Business gap assessment & gap closure;
  • Strategy measurement & evaluation in real time;
  • Strategy risk mitigation for identification of unknown problem areas;
  • High-level problem solving in this complex age;
  • Executive Leadership Personal Execution Development;
  • Leadership effectiveness;
  • Executive impact;
  • Executive leadership impact;
  • Board effectiveness, alignment assessment profiling.


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Please feel free to get in contact with me, if you are in need of:  “Impactful and ROI (Return on Investment), ROE (Return on Earnings), ROV (Retrun of Value), ROR (Return of Revenue), and ROIm (Return On Information Management)v- Driven, Strategic Executive Leadership Exponential-focused Coaching”!

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Honours and Awards

Honorary PHD in Business Strategic Leadership Coaching + National Youth Worker of the Year in Southern Africa


Global-Africa Institute of Leading International + VIP Leadership and Strategic Coaching and Mentoring Institute


Various articles written on the South African context on Leadership and Coaching.

Dr Bill Price & International Associates