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Bill is a strategic Executive Master Neuroscience psychology practitioner Coach that guides top executive leaders and their teams to their exponential personal and business best summits in their lifetime.


Dr. Bill Price PhD has double doctorate Honorary bestowed on him for his 25 years of Leadership coaching and Mentoring and profiling of top African Leaders in the 32 Anglo African countries.


His academic doctorate is based on holistic integrated strategic coaching of African based Executives within an African Perspective in a Global context. Bill is a Master Executive Neuroscience Coach, facilitator and Strategist. He has over 38,468 one-on-one logged hours with top level executives, board members and even African Royalty.


He is a member of the International futurist group FORESIGHT. Bill is a Member of the International of Coaching at McLean Harvard Medical School Institute affiliate and the International Association of Life Coaches USA. He is also the National Moderator of COMENSA the Professional Body of coaching and Mentoring in S Africa.


These are the various available recordings:





Personal Development and Growth

Personal Change Shifts for Leaders

Resilience and Bounce Back

Building Leadership Strength

A Life Well Lived

Reasons to find a Personal Coach

The Mind Frame DNA of a Leader





Legacy into Manifestation

Change in Life

Your Regrets

Helping You Understand: Thinking about Vision in Your Life

Understanding Strategy Principles


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