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Fully Alive, Fully Free, Fully Aware, Fully ME !!

Dr Bill Price | Fully Alive, Fully Free, Fully Aware, Fully ME



Dr Bill Price, speaker at National Finesse Conferences, an Ex National Radio Pulpit presenter of programmes in the days of FM.


Dr Bill will masterfully engage you to participate in this Deep Dive Personal Discovery Masterclass.


Dr Bill Price has a mission to empower people to live life to their FULL Potential and Abundance + more, in their lifetime.  Abundant-God like life!


Dr Bill Price & International Associates | What is holding you back?
Dr Bill Price | FREE Sessions, that helps give meaning to life
Ask yourself these questions:


  • Do you sense that your life is like walking in a never ending circle of “sameness” most of the time?


  • A feeling of discontent, regret, disappointment in you of lost and unfulfilled dreams?


  • Does it feel like you are living your life with a feeling that the “handbrake” is pulled up in certain areas?


  • Do you find yourself wondering, after doing all you can and know, why it is that you taste little success and reward?


  • Are you tired, overwhelmed, simply questioning how come your turn to be a success has not arrived yet?


  • When you see others around you becoming successful, do you inwardly long to also enjoy that look and success?


Dr Bill Price | Start now, and greatness will follow ...
Let me help you …


… to live life Fully Alive, Fully Free, Fully Aware and Fully ME. 


Register for the first x3 (three) sessions – FREE of charge!


Should these prove to be of personal value, you are cordially invited to register for the remainder of the 12 sessions, at the cost of less than a 1/3rd (third) of a movie ticket per session:  = R397 only!



If your life has not improved – shifted – become more aligned, we will refund you the full price, no questions asked.


We are here to help you!

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